About Us


S&M Motor Company is a mail order business selling spare parts for vintage motorcycles customers who love to restore and maintain their bikes.


Thank you for your interest in S&M Motor Company. We have been in the vintage motorcycle business for more than 35 years and we are expanding our inventory constantly. Our commitment is to try to sell vintage motorcycle parts for mainly American, British, and European motorcycle enthusiasts. However, we are not stopping there. Eventually we would like to sell to everyone around the world hopefully influencing them with our passion one motorcycle part at a time.


We at S&M Motor Company are well-trained and are very knowledgeable on all our products. We constantly learn more about each item to the best of our knowledge in order to provide our customers with quality assistance. We frequently check/reply to e-mail because without our customers (you), we would not be in business. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We will do all that we can to help you. S&M Motor Company would like to thank you in advance for your business.


S&M Motor Co.
PO BOX 273245
Tampa, FL 33688