Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Q) What do I do if I run across a problem that isn't covered here?
    A) You can contact us directly. The best way to contact us is through email: contact us

    Q) How can I tell if an item is in stock?A) Item stock status is located on the individual product pages. Please note that many items are listed as available.

    Q) My item showed in stock online but now it is out of stock.
    A) Our system works on a first come, first served basis. The most common reason for something being out of stock after showing in stock is an order for the same item was placed and fulfilled before your order was received. Your order will be filled as quickly as possible.

    Q) Do you ship internationally?
    A) Yes, we currently ships Worldwide.

    Q) If I do not see something on your website?
    A) Many times we have items that are not display, please e-mail us directly and a representative will be able to give you information about your specific product.

    Q) How do I find what model my motorcycle is?
    A) Please check the exact year/make/model of your vehicle before placing a parts order. Look at your vehicle operator’s manual or do some research online for specific vehicle information. It is important that you provide information that you think might help us because most likely it will.

    Q) Can I return parts?
    A) Yes, we do accept return parts. Any parts returned for credit or exchange must be in new condition in the original packaging. Parts that have been installed (or damaged while attempting to install) and/or used in any manner will not be accepted for return. BE SURE THE PART YOU ORDER IS FOR YOUR SPECIFIC VEHICLE. Please be aware of this policy before beginning installation of any model specific part.

    Q) What source of payment can I use in order to buy the parts?
    A) PayPal, Money Order, and Cashier Check.

    Q) Was my payment successful?
    A) Every successful order placed will be given an order number and e-mail confirmation.