BMW BRAKE ROTOR DISC DUAL R75/6 R90/6 R90S R60/7 R75/7 R80 R100S R100RS R100RT


This is a brand new set of two right and left quality EBC brake disc rotor. These rotor disc works on bikes with double rotor only.

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Fits: BMW
R60/7 (Double rotor model) 1976-80
R60 TIC (Double rotor model) from 1978-82
R75/6 and R75/7 (Doublerotor) from 1973-79
R80 (Double rotor) from 1977-09/80
R80 (Double rotor) from 10/80-84
R80 RT (Double rotor) from 1982-84
R90 S (Double rotor) from 1973-76
R90/6 (Doublerotor) from 1973-76
R100 (Double rotor) from 1976-77
R100 S (Doublerotor) from 1976-08/84
R100 RS (Doublerotor) from 1976-09/84
R100 RT (Doublerotor) from 1978-09/84

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