BSA B25 B50 A65 TRIUMPH T120 TR6 T140 TR7 SPOKE SET SS 37-3724 37-3725 37-3726


This is a brand new set of 40 stainless steel spokes with chrome plated nipples.

Part # 37-3724, 37-3725, 37-3726, W3724, W3725, W3726

Fits: BSA A75 and Triumph T150 (18″” conversion) with conical 7″” brake
BSA B25, B50, A65with conical 7″” brake
Triumph T120, TR6R, TR6C, T140, TR7 with conical 7″” brake

Rim size: WM3 X 18″”

Fitment: Rear

Why we have Stainless Steel spokes and Brass nipples… Why?

Two reasons:

The first reason is corrosion. When moisture builds up between the steel spoke and the steel nipple, it creates problems truing which will not happen with a brass nipple. Brass nipples allow for easy adjustment and do not require lubrication.

Second, over time, steel spokes and nipples can bond under pressure, eventually becoming welded together. We consider spokes and nipples of different materials are the best choice to avoid this problem.

In our 30 years of experience, using steel spokes with brass nipples is the better choice.

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